Can I choose between a male and a female healthcare associate?
Yes but request is subject to availability.

Can I review the profile of your associate?
Yes, upon request. Please inform our Customer Service Associate before deployment.

What will be the schedule of the healthcare associate?
Our associate must go on off duty after the five (5) consecutive days of 12 hour duty and after three consecutive (3) days for night shift, in which case, we will provide you with a reliever for the same rate. There will be times when an associate would ask for a rest day in between scheduled duties but we will also provide you with a reliever.

Do I need a caregiver or a nurse?
Patients’ conditions are categorized according to disease acuity. Each level of category requires appropriate level of training and competence on the part of the associate who will be assigned to take care of the patient. Matching the associate’s training and competence with patient’s acuity of condition helps ensure patient safety and quality of care. However, if you prefer to get a less competent associate for the clinical case at hand, your desire prevails except in situations wherein the clinical case of the patient falls under category 4 – 6.

Below are the patient categories –
Category 1: Ambulatory and needs only assistance in performing activities of daily living and /or needs home companion.
Category 2: Bedbound, without contraptions and requires performance of total nursing care.
Category 3: Bedbound with or without IV fluids, with or without urinary catheter, with or without feeding tube. Not on monitored condition.
Category 4: Bedbound, on monitored condition, with IV fluids, feeding tubes urinary catheter.
Category 5: Bedbound, on critical condition with frequent monitoring with respirator and all contraptions stated above and undergoing special procedures such as dialysis.
Category 6: Patients with special care such as patient with 50% or above burn, manipulative and assaultive NP Patient or as per nursing evaluation of the VP for Nursing.

1. If patient requires complex care (cat. 4), and requester wants to hire a non-licensed nurse, the desire of the requesting party prevails after the above safety requirement is communicated to them. Signing a waiver will be required.

2. We also consider preferences such as the associate’s gender, age, and experiences.

How soon will the associate arrive?
Our deployment’s lead time is three (3) hours from the time request was received and accepted. However, during inclement weather, the lead time become four (4) hours

What are your other terms? 

  1. Our associate should have a 30-minute meal break and 15-minute coffee break per shift.
  2. Our associate should be provided with meals or an additional P100.00 per meal will be charged as the Associate’s meal allowance.
  3. Our associate should only perform services included in the nursing care and healthcare services covered by our agreement.
  4. We ask our client or any member of his/her household, to check the personal belongings of the Associate BEFORE the start of duty and AFTER the duty and must sign the slip intended for this purpose.
  5. NIGHTINGALE shall not be liable and/or responsible for any loss, damage, for acts or omissions committed by the Nurse Associate during the performance of their respective duties.
  6. The CLIENT, or any member of his/her household, must sign the Daily Time Record (DTR) as it is the basis for NIGHTINGALE’S billing statement.



  • Transportation Allowance
  • Night Differential Allowance for Duties between 4PM to 12AM (Flat Rate)
  • Meal Allowance when meal is not provided

HOSPITAL CASES (Except Asian Hospital & Chinese General Hospital)

    • Night Differential Allowance for Duties between 4PM to 12AM (Flat Rate)
      *** A separate agreement shall be made for out-of-town and/or out-of-the-country arrangements.
    • Our associate should be provided with meals or an additional P100.00 per meal will be charged as the Nurse Associate’s meal allowance.
    • The Nurse Associate shall also be entitled to receive an additional 100% (or the one full equivalent of the Nurse Associate’s day rate) if engaged to go on duty during LEGAL HOLIDAYS.
    • A minimum of PhP200.00 for transportation allowance shall be provided by the CLIENT over and above the published services rates for house cases.

What if I don’t like to pay for legal holiday?
If CLIENT is NOT willing to pay the said additional fee, he/she must inform NIGHTINGALE one (1) week before the holiday so the Nurse Associate can take the day off.

I’m a mother and I need an associate for myself and my new born, do I have to pay double?
No. If there are two (2) patients to be taken care of by one (1) Nurse Associate, i.e., mother and child, husband and wife, twins, etc., the CLIENT shall pay an additional 50% equivalent of the Nurse Associate’s standard day rate.