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Nursing Registry founded in 2004 by dedicated and experienced nurses who truly understand the importance of Quality, Compassion and Trust in Patient Care.. We are committed to providing our clients with nursing care of the highest quality and reliability. We are accredited by the country’s premiere hospitals and we conform to nationally and internationally recognized standards. Private Duty Nurses, Nurse Auxiliaries and Caregivers Our Healthcare Associates provide skilled nursing services and are matched with our clients to give them the best care possible, whether it be in their own homes, an assisted living facility or any Healthcare Institution. We are the largest full-service nursing registry in Manila, Philippines; offering highly qualified healthcare associates who can be ready even at a moment’s notice. Best of all, we’re available to serve your needs 24 hours a day.    
To deliver safe and quality Nursing Care to our patients and promote peace of mind to their families through the timely deployment of competent and caring Nurses and Caregivers to healthcare institutions and homes.
To be the preferred nursing registry in Metro Manila and nearby provinces by 2020.

Appropriate for cancer patients who are actively receiving treatment. We are able to help with activities of daily living and in-home nursing needs to offer the highest level of comfort and recovery. Our highly skilled nurses will provide immediate and effective nursing care that is designed to meet the patient’s specific needs, monitor side effects of treatment and support them throughout their recovery process.


We can provide care to people living with dementia and other age related conditions, enabling older people to remain independent and living in their own home, staying comfortable in their familiar environment. Our associates have extensive knowledge and experience in working with people with age related conditions. They will come into your home to provide care and assistance that is specific to your requirements.

Main Specialties


• Injections • Insertion or termination of IV fluids s Wound Dressing •  Insertion or removal of Foley Catheter s Tracheostomy Care • Gastrostomy Care • Colostomy and Ileostomy Care •  Enteral Feeding  s New Born Care and Post-Partum Care •  Port-a-Cath Access •

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday Office Hours

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9:30 am - 8:30 pm

Meet our Team

Marilou Furio RN, Ph.D.

VP - OrDev & Marketing

Vangie Camunayan, R.N.

VP - Nursing Operations

Cheryl B. Arguelles, R.N.

VP - Finance

Violeta Bellen, R.N.

AVP - Supply Chain

Why Choose Us?

  • Pricey but worth it!

    Their service is quite pricey...but you know what, it's worth every cent I pay, mom is always very clean, well taken care of and they have the initiative, best of all we had a life threatening incident and their nurse knew exactly what to do and how to handle it when my mom's O2sat dropped dangerously low, my mom is alive still because of their quick thinking nurses. I have tried so many agency and though I have another permanent agency, I have chosen to still keep my service with Nightingale until present.
  • May your tribe increase

    Let me take this opportunity, in behalf of LAUDATO family, many thanks from the bottom of our hearts , for the excellent love and care of Nightingale Nurses, Jeramie and Claro. For their patience, kind understanding, hard work and loving care to our beloved Mother. For treating our Mother/Lola like their own Mother/Lola. Please extend them our sincerest thanks. May their tribe increase. We will surely keep in touch with them personally and will always be forever grateful to them. There are always good reasons why we met people in this world.
  • Careful and attentive

    Gemma came daily to to help me, I would like to commend Gemma for her good service, she is careful, attentive, and helpful with everything! She gave excellent service. Thank you Gemma and Nightingale!